Effectively managing a project from inception to completion necessitates a consistent flow of information.

However, obtaining and monitoring project data is a complex undertaking. When project engineers devote approximately 30% of their time to seeking information, inefficiencies arise.

Furthermore, errors may occur when information is obtained from various sources. The quality, reliability and uniqueness of data may be compromised, posing a risk to the cohesion and consistency of the project.

Technip Energies offers a solution to these difficulties with a digital project twin, a single-source digital model of your asset made of project data to ensure consistency and accuracy throughout the project lifecycle.

Added values
Single source of truth
Single source of truth
Preserve data quality and integrity with a single source of information
better data management
Better data management
Improve project performance with better data availability and smoother handover
Greater efficiency
Greater efficiency
Minimize errors and redundant tasks recovering lost data