SPYRO® for Asset Management (SAM®) is Technip Energies' digital service for direct insight into an ethylene plant operations.

Based on real-time plant data, SAM® enables plant operators and managers to see a real-time overview of the operation of the furnaces on the ethylene plant, for example.

Added Values

Unlock hidden value
Use our technological knowhow to unlock the hidden value of your plant's operating data
Reduce CO2 emissions
Provide insights of the actual and forecasted Green House Gas emissions from ethylene plants
Real-time Insights
Provide key performance indicators (KPIs) and trends to optimize plant operations


Key Figures

1 to 2%
Increased production through predictable operation and informed decisions
Reduced downtime potential through avoiding overlap of decoking of different furnaces
10 to 20
% more time before recoiling through prediction of carburization level
1 to 5%
Higher value of products through optimization of coil outlet temperature

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