Case Studies

PODS vs Reality

From the 3D model to a virtual plant


On the road to developing a digital twin, the reuse of the engineering 3D model is a key aspect. However, the level of detail in the 3D model makes it difficult to navigate. Its day-to-day use is not adequate when moving to production.

As part of the development of PODS, Technip Energies’ Plant Operator Digital Simulator, it became necessary to enhance the translation of the engineering 3D model to a 3D or virtual reality (VR) simulation. This enabled real-time use while retaining the tagging information in the 3D model.



With the enhancing process, another tool became available to extend the life of the engineering 3D model to the operations phase. This extension can be performed for digital twin purposes, training with PODS and more applications. Now ready for use, the tool allows the easy migration from the engineering 3D model to an interactive simulation connected to other applications. 



Enhancing the engineering 3D model during the PODS process provided a new set of tools for our projects and clients.

We now are able to propose virtual reality use during 3D model review at a lower cost.

These reviews in VR complement the traditional review by providing a unique Scale 1 view of the asset. It also allows us to offer clients a digital twin with a high fidelity physical representation based on engineering data.