Digital Twin Empowering Solutions of the Future

Presentation Abstract

Do you know why "only 18% of Digital Transformations truly succeed” says KPMG?
The devil lies in the details. What does a success Digital Transformation mean? For one thing, it is not the implementation of software platforms. Success in Digital Transformation lies in the realization of value on the ground, with a visible change in people, technology, and processes.

As industries and organizations search for competitiveness, today, they turn to Digital Solutions. But even after spending millions of dollars, many industries fail to see value, thereby losing trust in the solution and the people not adopting the solution. Organizations try to copy digitalization platforms from competitors and search for value.

The success of Digital Transformation lies in thinking about Digitalization holistically. Not just single work processes but entire gamut of Projects, Operations and Maintenance with the right prioritization for a long-term vision. As an organization we must look internally at how mature our Operations and Maintenance processes, and IT infrastructure are. We also must look at how clean and mature our data is before we rush towards data-driven decision-making.

Join me in this talk where we will cover Digital Maturity, Holistic Thinking, Digital Transformation visions and about the Future. And hopefully by the end we will have a better picture of Digitalization and Digital Transformation.