Asset digitalization for wiser plant operation

Presentation Abstract

The world’s energy supply challenges combined with a vision to decarbonize human activities for a better tomorrow is accelerating the digital transformation of our industry.

Plant lifecycle needs to be extended and plant performance improved while reducing Opex and carbon emissions which is transforming the purpose of digitalization, from Smart to Wise, because it is no longer a matter of harnessing the power of digital to drive productivity and efficiency only but doing so with sustainability at the core. Adopting a wise approach is an urgency and the latest technologies of digitalization are helping the industry to accelerate the transition.

Technologies like machine learning are offering the power and agility the industry was looking for. Digitalisation speed is key, but the consistency and quality of the information produced is even more important.

Once the wise digital twin is in place, how to make plant operation wiser, safer and more efficiently?

This is where interoperability of data foundations combined with automation, monitoring, awareness and predictability will provide the values our industry is desperately looking for to achieve plant operation excellence as well as carbon emission optimization.