Digital plant life cycle management is a key component of effective information management.

But managing the digital content and data throughout the entire life cycle of an industrial plant is complicated.

Managers must develop and implement systems and processes for creating, capturing, classifying, storing, preserving, and disposing of digital content. They must manage simultaneous operations and keep a set of information as built, implement parallel and multiple parallel projects of modifications, account for documentation lag time, and protect content from loss or damage. Technip Energies can help overcome these and other daily challenges when managing a plant’s digital content.

Added values
Improved awareness
Reduced loss
Safeguard data to minimize financial loss in plant upgrades.
Improved safety
Greater foresight
Automated info-sharing and seamless handover to as-built repositories.
Improved plant performance
Boosted efficiency
Enhance productivity with concurrent engineering and a reliable as-built source for operations.

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